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I am a 20 year old from Portugal, and very passionate about programming and computing. Prior to pursuing formal education, I dedicated four years to self-study. My coursework and projects at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança have further enhanced my skills and knowledge in coding and IT. I am highly proficient in multiple programming languages, including C#, Java, and C/C++. I have experience working with various coding tools and software such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, Unity and Git. Additionally, I possess strong problem-solving and analytical skills, and am capable of working both independently and as part of a team. My goal is to secure a challenging role in the industry that will allow me to utilize my skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of innovative software solutions.


Software Engineering

Polytechnic Institute of Bragança


While I have never had any formal work experience, I have worked on several personal coding projects, which have allowed me to develop my skills and gain practical experience in different areas of programming. Through these projects, I have refined my ability to work with various programming languages and tools. My excellent communication skills and ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical individuals make me a valuable addition to any team.


IBM SQL and relational databases 101

Used basic and advanced SQL commands in the context of relational databases.

Sololearn C

Used basic and advanced concepts in the C programming language.

Sololearn C#

Used basic and advanced concepts in the C# programming language.

Sololearn Java

Used basic and advanced concepts in the Java programming language.

Hacker X

Gained proficiency in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in various systems.

Skills and Tools

C# Advanced
Java Advanced
C/C++ Advanced
Python Beginner
Git Advanced
Netlify Advanced
SQL Advanced
Unity Intermediate
Bootstrap Advanced
JavaScript Advanced
React Native Intermediate


Project 1 Image

AI Chatbot

Developed a ChatBot web app with using netlify serverless functions and various REST APIs.

June 2023
Project 2 image

Games Radar

Developed a C# desktop app that crawls and filters information about games from various websites.

March 2022
Project 3 image

Weather App

Developed a web app with Bootstrap that fetches weather information and displays it in a nice interface.

January 2022
Project 4 image

Notes App

Developed a web app that lets you securely store and retrieve notes from a SQL database, accessible solely through the code you gave them.

October 2023
Project 5 image

C Game of Life Simulation

Developed a cross-platform (Windows and Linux) C program that simulates Conway's Game of Life in the terminal.

January 2024

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